Fixing The JAR File Is Over Max Size Error On Feature Phone Installations

I was recently trying to install a custom java app (.jar file) onto a Ch@t333 Samsung device and was faced with this error:

“JAR file is over max size”

Well, someone found a solution to this error and posted it online just like I am doing here.

So first, the reason the device gives this error is because it is default-set to only accept an install whereby the max file size is 500 KB. Changing this is easy though. Therefore, when you download a file and it is larger than 500 KB, you cannot directly install unless you change one setting on the phone.

Here’s how you change that setting:

  1. On your phone’s keypad, type the following: *#52828378#
  2. This will bring up the phone’s JAVA Test Menu
  3. Navigate downwards on the menu till you find OTA Test and then open it
  4. Once thee, change the value from 500 under ‘Maximum’ JAR size field, to something like 5,000
  5. After you’ve successfully done that, click on save

You should now be able to install the file.

  • Neeraj Bhardwaj

    its not working
    after i change it to 5000 or even 1000 it doesn’t change

    • juuchini

      Hi Neeraj, which apps are you trying to install? And on which device running what version of Java?

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