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Victor Kyalo Kenya ICT Authority Chief Executive Officer JUUCHINI

Eng. Victor Kyalo Kenya ICT Authority Chief Executive Officer

A message by Engineer Victory Kyalo, ICT Authority Chief Executive Officer for Q4 2015.

Two years ago, when the ICT Authority was formed our vision was that of consolidation of ICT functions across government.

This was necessitated by the fact that the management, support and acquisition of ICT goods and services was often fragmented and uncoordinated leading to duplications, wastage and difficulties in sharing data across systems. This has also exposed Government Systems to poor software licensing regimes, inefficient support services and cyber threats.

To address this challenge we started by developing the Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) and key domain standards in collaboration with Kenya Bureau of Standards. We have so far established a working framework with all public entities. Check standards here

We are now following up with compliance, with support from relevant government organs and effective mid-October, 2015 the Authority will oversee the below:

  1. Guide the acquisition of ICT goods and services and implementation of ICT projects for all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s).
  2. Sign Service Level Agreements with MDAs to govern the quality of services provided to them under the Frameworks agreements.
  3. Determine whether new requirements from MDA’s can be met within an existing Framework Agreement and engage with new or existing vendors to meet new requirements.
  4. Work with MDA’s in compliance of the guidelines and standards.


This is a welcome move to us and our stakeholders as we look into building a more receptive, robust and largescale ICT use in public service. For more information on this do contact us at communications@ict.go.ke.

Wishing you a productive last quarter of 2015.

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