My name – George Murage and I’m the Creator of this Blog. OK, Creator sounds a bit.. Err… I would have used the word Founder and Inventor but I won’t because the word ‘Founder’ is used loosely by so many people I know and I’m not ‘those’ people.

I’m a Technology Blogger in Kenya. Mainly African (OK, Kenyan) technology. Looking to expand into other countries within East Africa and then Africa later.

Digital Media, and how it is continually taking over conventional/traditional media as a concept, interests me. Startups also ticke my fancy.

What is My Dream? I’ll be honest. It is to one day Successfully Exit a startup of my own for enough money to allow me to travel the World with my family. I promise to give back and eat good food while at. and also to photograph and write a lot about my experiences in a backpack.

You can follow this here blog on Twitter on @JuuChini and me personally on @muragegichobi if you’ve got something to say or email me on murage@juuchini.com I

f you meet me on the street, please say Hi. I’m good with faces so I won’t forget you.

The more boring version of this bio can be found somewhere… oh! Here it is on LinkedIn.