AccessKenya In Core Network, Major Town Network Upgrade



Access Kenya has just completed a network upgrade project in Nairobi, Nakuru and Thika; an exercise which is aimed at boosting resilience and to increase business connectivity for companies operating in these areas.

This network is a KES 300 Million Investment, will enable AccessKenya cover 18 major towns with fiber connectivity and enhanced bandwidth in response to business growth in these regions by year 2016.

The upgrade will also see a reduction in the number of devices used in the transmission of data into fewer, more powerful devices. The operation will be carried out on both Fibre and Wireless networks, resulting in more efficient infrastructure and therefore faster internet connectivity.

“In addition to high speed connectivity, these businesses require additional solutions. A stronger network will enhance the capabilities to deliver layered services such as real-time CCTV monitoring, VOIP and Video on Demand, Data Backup Services and other key services which all require high speed and high quality connectivity. We have also ensured that the new hardware can now handle these additional demands in data rates of up to 100 Giga bits per second”, says Raymond Macharia, CTO at AccessKenya.

AccessKenya has also augmented its infrastructure through redundant fiber from its partners to provide additional resiliency to protect against traffic failures which is experienced during fiber cuts which have become frequent with the increasing road and other infrastructure construction projects that disrupt the already laid network.

This means that in addition to already existing infrastructure, AccessKenya will now use the additional fiber to reroute traffic in case of an emergency to protect clients from any disruption to their connectivity and therefore keep them running for longer therefore making them more efficient..

AccessKenya’s Core Network is also being upgraded; an exercise which is running concurrently with the network upgrade in the aforementioned towns, and it is expected to be completed later in 2015. The Core network upgrade will be carried out in phases & will involve the activation and increase the number of corenodes in order to boost resilience and widen the network’s reach.

Access Kenya is betting on increased fiber connectivity speeds and reliability to reach new customers in the corporate segment for the delivery of layered solutions on a strong data service provision backed by growth of SMEs in Kenya.

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