Amadeus Celebrates 10 Years Of Operations in Kenya

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If you’ve traveled anywhere by air, ferry, or even booked a hotel online, then you have probably already used an Amadeus system as a customer.

What do they do?Amadeus is a provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. some of their biggest customers groups are
airlines, hotels, rail and ferry operators. The Amadeus group employs is a big operation and it employs around 10,000 people worldwide,.

Amadeus East Africa is celebrating a decade of serving the travel industry in the East Africa region, a journey that has been marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation, built on strong partnerships and customer satisfaction.

“From humble beginnings 10 years ago when the Nairobi office was opened in Kenya with only three people, we are extremely proud to have contributed to Amadeus market-leading position in this crucial and vibrant region that is Sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya,” said Juan Torres, General Manager of Amadeus East Africa.

Amadeus which has been able to grow its local footprint from the initial offices in Kenya and Tanzania now has has presence in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Eritrea, Djibouti, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. They have been able to achieve this by building strong, long-lasting partnerships with their customers by providing relevant services to the travel industry.

This is particularly true in the online space, which is a frontier in which Amadeus is well positioned. They are continually seeing increasing demand and uptake in online type of services which fit well into their already existing traditional deployments and these allow the travel agency community to offer ever improving services to their customers. Some of their African customers are Kenya Airways, South African Airways, British Airways, and many more. They also support American Airlines in the US.

“Our aim is to continue shaping the future of the travel industry in East Africa. Looking to future developments and plans, Amadeus is particularly excited by the opportunity provided by the rapid uptake of mobile and Internet solutions. Our focus in the coming year will be to strengthen the
capabilities of our travel agents to allow their customers to manage and control their bookings on the mobile platform.” added Torres.

Amadeus also aims to build on the uptake of mobile devices to continually innovate and help them grow their business globally.

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