Beat your woman’s spending with Nokia Apps.


Meet Michael.

Michael is a young financial banker. He has worked his way up from a simple market analyst earning almost nothing; living on a shoe-string budget. Now he is made. Self made in the corporate world. But he has a problem despite the fact that he makes much money. A culmination of his hard work and determination has a black hole.

He has a girlfriend. Laila. And boy!, Isn’t she pretty. Very pretty. Some may say she is too pretty. Leave cover models.. and/or underwear models. The kind of girl who mesmerizes you as soon as you catch a whiff of her stunning beauty and flowery scent. She’s nice. Seems like a keeper. But He who wears a shoe knows where it pinches most. Michael knows where it pinches. You see, Laila is high maintenance. Anyone familiar?? One of those high maintenance machines that mums normally warn about. This means Michael is in trouble. His finances are in a mud-pile and all protocol he learnt on basic earning, spending and saving skill sets has gone to the dogs.

Michael is at lunch one day and he tells Jimmy his problem. Jimmy being the Social Media and mobile phone geek he is suggests that his friend starts using his Nokia’s Ovi Store. On Ovi store he finds the Expense Tracker and My Shopping Buddy. The former is an app that monitors regular income whilst balancing your daily expenditure and projects that onto your monthly spending and earning portfolio. It comes in handy especially now that Michael drives two cars; a Subaru B4 and a girl called Laila.

The latter of the apps is the My Shopping Buddy. This in turn saves him the justifications for that impulse buy. Perfume. Makeup. Lingerie. It allows you to quickly work out the ‘cost per use’ and the true value of your purchases. This widget also gives you access to money saving tips freeing up some cash in order to treat yourself.

All in all, Michael is in good hands with the Nokia Ovi Store just a button-click away.

Some advice to Michael though, you might also want to get the Pray as you Go App. For those tight situations where “wifey” (or muffin as he fondly calls her) has spent more than what is in his coffers. Pray-as-you-go is a daily prayer session designed for use on portable MP3 players to help you pray whilst travelling to and from work study etc. It is a framework for your own prayer. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes it combines music scripture and some questions for reflection. Something he is gonna needs as long as Laila is around.

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