IE9 placed as “Best” for Africa.

Since its birth back in the 20th Century in 1995, Internet Explorer has accomplished what no other browser has done- It has made the Internet accessible to everyone as would be expected from a company that is the leader in innovations around the World since its foundation back in 1975.

Microsoft Corp. recently announced the launch of the latest version of the world’s most-used browser with the release of Internet Explorer 9 in 40 languages around the world, including English, French and Portuguese for Africa.

By reimagining the role of the browser, Microsoft has designed Internet Explorer 9 for a more immersive, more beautiful web experience that brings websites front and center. As a result, Internet Explorer is now faster, cleaner and more trusted than ever before:

  1. Fast: Today fast is too often narrowly defined as page load time. Tomorrow, a browser will not be able to call itself fast unless it lets people interact with graphically rich sites and applications with lightning speed. Designed to take full advantage of the power of your computer’s hardware through Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer 9 delivers dynamic experiences that are as fast and responsive as native applications installed on your computer.
  2. Clean: While other browsers focus on the browser itself, Internet Explorer 9 is site-centric. This means less screen real estate is taken up by the browser, letting people experience more of what websites have to offer.
  3. Trusted: Because the web is increasing less secure and even less private, Internet Explorer 9 is designed to be the most trusted browser available. Internet Explorer 9 has a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online.

“What people care about on the web is the site, not their browser,” said Kevin Connolly, Windows Business Group Manager, Microsoft West, East, Central Africa and Indian Ocean Islands. “With features like Pinning and JumpLists, Internet Explorer 9 makes it quick and easy to check your inbox, change the music station, accept a friend invitation or see breaking news directly from the Windows 7 taskbar, without even having to open the browser first.” Sort of like an all-news availability ticker on the Windows 7 platform.

Partners from around the world, including more than 250 top websites from around the globe, are also using the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 and Windows to deliver new experiences that reach more than a billion active internet users on the Web.

“Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Microsoft have a long history of bringing meaningful innovations to our customers. Today we celebrate with Microsoft the launch of IE9, a new milestone in enabling faster and more visually compelling web experiences,” said Tony Prophet, Senior Vice President of Operations, Personal Systems Group, HP.  “IE9 is really a superior browser and we’re pleased to make it available on most of our consumer PCs.”

Internet Explorer 9 is now the most-downloaded browser beta of all time with over 40 million downloads since September 2010, but its roots can be traced all the way back to a web browser developed in 1987 called Mosaic, which was the first browser to use a graphical user interface. In the 24 years that have followed, Microsoft has been powering the Internet with browsers that have shaped our social and commercial lives online.

Go ahead; experience the beauty of the web for yourself by downloading Internet Explorer 9 here:

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