LinkedIn Hits 100 Million Users.

Although facebook remains the dominant social networking website among the worlds population, LinkedIn is catching on to be the favourite professional networking website among its users.

This is mostly attributed to its professional nature that allows a user to upload information about qualifications and resume activity sometimes resulting in recruitment from that very interface.

LinkedIn boasts about 1 million new user-registrations every week. The company reports that over 44million of its users are based in the United States (U.S.) and 20% of the users on the global front are ion the service industry with Cisco, Apple, eBay and Amazon enjoying the largest mentions among users.

This site has seen tremendous activity in countries like Brazil where growth was at a whopping 428% in the 2010 year-over-year growth analysis.

Mexico’s growth stands at 178%, India’s at 76% and France’s at 72%.

Twitter is also hitting the ground-breaking numbers with over a billion tweets a week and a record 460,000 new registrations every day.

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