Nokia reveal Symbian Source code to public.

In a recent turn of events, the Nokia team has released the builds associated with the Symbian Operating system to the public.

This probably confirms that Nokia are finally done with the aging operating system that was previously under the Symbian Foundation’s domain until it closed its doors late last year giving Nokia full administrative jurisdiction of the operating system. The Operating System is presently out in cyberspace free to anyone including the build tools and the precious SDKs as well.


Such a move is probably in light of the recent partnership with Microsoft that stunned the world less than two months ago and caused a stir among developers and bloggers alike in the Social Media space #NokMsft. Whilst we cannot rule out that maybe Nokia hope someone or something will pick up where it left off and make a homegrown-modified version of Symbian (open-source the damn thing), this is a highly unlikely development especially since Nokia has managed to keep a very tight lid on its major announcements and projects therefore attaining ability to actively stun the mobile phone (specifically the more interesting smart-phone) market on many occasions.

Latest development are spelling bad news for the latest Nokia Series 60 phones that have been released within the last 2 quarters as this means support for these devices will most likely be dim ahead of the anticipated adoption of the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone Operating systems slated for later this year.

Big question though is what this means for other software manufacturers now that two power houses (Nokia and Microsoft) are partnering to become bed-fellows.

Let’s wait and see what the market decides.

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