Nokia E7: Redefining Success.

Well, I am a techie, and a connectivity junkie. I don’t need to tell you that this requires me to have access to my emails, my social networks, my blog and all within reach, even in the deadest of the night.

Searching for a good phone much like searching for a good woman, is normally a daunting task as we all have our strong point while looking. Some go for sleek design, light weight, camera functionality, durable body types and/or ability to live on the phone on the go.

Having said this, I recently met an auspiciously different kind of woman. Yes; she is sleek and yes; she is a killer on the body. Albeit a bit heavy, she caught my eye. Sliding up from different positions encouraging me to feel her cool glossy texture, she indeed made my evening.

For those whose minds may have wandered off to God knows where, we are still on phones. The Nokia E7 to be precise.

A first encounter with this device will tell you that it is made for champions, nice curves that feel great to the touch and equal simplicity that matches the raging urge to understand how exactly it functions.

The Nokia E7 is the latest from the range of Nokia E Series phones and has been well received. A complimenting 8MP camera does well to capture photos and video with High Definition option, which can be viewed on a HDMI Television set via the inbuilt HDMI port on this device. It also features a dual camera which allows for video calling and normal photography as well.

Powered by Symbian*3, the Operating System on which Nokia has built for decades, it is an impressive piece. Real-time push from Mail for Exchange, ease of access to both work and private emails, outlook synchronized calendar as well as office editor to view and edit documents and PDF files are all included in the package so round the clock work-ability. Coupled with the full touch screen and the full QWERTY keyboard, one is spoilt for choice on how to make this a seamless mobile experience.

The 4inch screen is constructed from anodizes aluminum with an AMOLED real glass display for improved outdoor viewing and usage not forgetting the exciting pinch to zoom where a pinching motion on the phone’s screen causes a webpage to be either bigger or smaller.

OV maps is included too with free lifetime GPS navigation and vice guidance and F-Secure which is a security feature that keeps all your data safe in the eventuality that the phone is stolen.

In case you need to, you can also use a capacitive stylus for UI control.

You can also chat well from this phone as it has instant messaging inbuilt supporting OVI chat, Yhoo, AIM, Windows Live and GTalk. Don’t worry, Skype in also installable from OVI store.

This phone accepts most apps available on the Nokia Ovi Store and will respond fast to installations courtesy of the ARM 680Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM / 1024 MB ROM and a hardware graphics accelerator.

Contrary to what they say, it actually has 16734 MB of internal storage though usable up to about 15GB to maintain the phone’s sanity. Say ‘Hello!’ to more movies on the goJ.

WI-FI, Bluetooth and internet speeds managing HSDPA Cat9, maximum speed up to 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA Cat5 2.0 Mbps included. Yeah, you can upload a video to YouTube straight from the E7.

Pricing was and still is the main mood-killer for most people but for like every other fine thing in life, you cannot compromise on price for quality. One has to fork out Sh54,000 but for this excellence; who’s complaining?

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