Google finally provides protection against Malware on Client PCs.


Now, before you get into a panic and start wondering how come Google knows and has access to your machine (You people who are always ‘stumbling’ upon porn sites), Google can now know if your PC (personal computer) is infected.

The company has recently partnered with various security companies have began campaigns to check client computers and see if they are infected.

This is a step further by this company after they recently auctioned to rid Android phones of Malware and Trojans by automatically deleting Android Apps that behaved in suspect manner from both the Android phone and the Android Market.

The popular search engine now has capability to warm users that their PCs are infected.

Routine maintenance on one of the technology giant’s data centers revealed unusual traffic from computers infected with a form of malicious software, according to Google security engineer Damian Menscher.

The traffic was sent to Google through intermediary computer servers referred to as “proxies,” Menscher said.

Google began delivering warning notices along with search results to computers that appear infected with the virus.

“We hope that by taking steps to notify users whose traffic is coming through these proxies, we can help them update their antivirus software and remove the infections,” Menscher said in a blog post.

“We hope to use the knowledge we’ve gathered to assist as many people as possible.”

Question: Is this Google’s way of marketing chrome laptops since their OS resides in the cloud thus alleviating any chance of infection? You tell us what you think.

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