RIM actualizes Music sharing service for BlackBerry lovers.

BlackBerry BetaZone

Today, RIM announced the beta availability of BBM Music service in BlackBerry Beta Zone.

BBM Music lets you share, discover, play, and grow your music collections with your BBM friends.

With BBM Music, you can discover and share music with your friends through an evolving community-based music library. The size of your library continues to grow as you add new friends, and you can select music from a catalog with millions of songs.

Key features include:

  • >Ability to build a music profile (up to 50 songs) from a catalogue of millions of tracks
  • >Invite friends to BBM Music from your BBM contacts
  • >Share playlists or single songs with BBM Music friends
  • >Create multiple playlists by combining your profile songs plus your BBM Music friends’ profile songs
  • >See what new songs your BBM friends have added, view comments, or start up a BBM chat about     favorite bands
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