Nokia’s new Browser: Improvements in Symbian Anna.


Browsing the internet on our mobile phones has become more or less and everyday thing.

The issue of looking up information on your mobile phone be it for learning purposes or even verifying fact is something we have all done at one point or another in time.

Symbian Anna was launched a few months back and marked a lot of improvements in the Symbian Operating system as a whole. The most remarkable improvement though has got to be the new browser.

Symbian Anna comes with a streamlined UI that has seen the removal of the double layer of icons at the bottom of the browsing window and has instead replaced them with a small back arrow that is always on show and an options icon that can call up various different tasks such as bookmarks, history or the exit button. That makes for some extra room up top to include a convenient address bar for easy URL typing and web searching.

The new browser offers more room for text and by extension more room to type content in.

browser_2_googlingThe user interface is also more streamlined and improved. Double layer icons at the bottom of the window have been replaced by a back arrow (similar to that found on desktop browsers) for easier navigation and other functions such as bookmarking, browser history and the exit browser functionality.

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