Search Engine Optimization Tricks To Avoid

About a decade ago, the concept of optimizing content for search engine ‘find-ability’ wasn’t a hugely popular approach here in Kenya, but today search engine optimization is an essential part of successful business marketing in the area. This is because Kenya’s internet penetration is up by 12.5%, with over 30 million citizens having access to the internet.

Now there are millions of people buying products and services online, so Kenyan businesses are starting to focus on how they can market themselves online. This is a great business move – but it is important for businesses to be aware of common optimization scams.

After all, businesses face many threats when they create a website and then face challenges such as attacks from sudden ransomware to hackers,. SEO is another area that can harbour risks and the point of this short article is to ensure that you are clued up on everything you need to know about searc engine optimization and scamming.

Why is SEO Important? The idea of being scammed may seem scary, but SEO is still a relevant and useful marketing tool that your business should embrace. Keywords can be used to transform how popular your website is, as well as improve page load times and navigation options. There are lots of ways to learn more about using SEO, including useful SEO AMAs that teach you more about promoting your business. AMAs are a great way to learn more about marketing and Search Engine Optimization, and as you can interact with the speaker it is easy for you to clear up any confusion that you feel.

The Scams: The guaranteed rankings scam – Lots of SEO scams focus on guaranteed rankings with promises of guaranteeing a ranking on the first page of Google. In reality, it is impossible for any company to substantiate these claims mainly because no-one knows the exact Google algorithm. One should therefore avoid any company that makes bold statements like this ranking guarantees and instead look for companies with an impressive portfolios for the optimization bit of marketing.

The free SEO trial scam – Optimization for search engines is complex and difficult, so it would be very expensive for companies offering this service to provide free trials. The process of optimizing content for the search engine takes weeks if not months to be fully effective and therefore, it would be difficult to see any strong, affirmative results from a free trial. In reality, most people who offer free trials are hoping to steal personal details from your website, so be very careful if anyone approaches you with a free trial that seems too good to be true.

SEO is a great marketing tool, but it is important to avoid these common pitfalls. This is because you could easily lose out on a lot of money – or even worse, a scammer could steal your businesses personal details.

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