7 smart ways to Go Green with your Nokia device.

go_green_eco_friendly_nokia_mobileNokia has been doing a very interesting Go Green campaign of late (or rather in the last month or so)and they are at the forefront of educating the masses on how to do things the eco-friendly way.

Here is a list of things that will ensure you have an eco-friendly experience with your Nokia phone (and any other mobile device for that matter).

  1. Recycle: Recycle your old mobile phone: Many people leave their old mobile phones at home despite them not being in good working order. If you’re not going to use it, recycle it. In a recent study, it emerged that only 2% of Kenyans have ever recycled a mobile phone. This is a sad state of affair considering mobiles are the fastest means of reaching consumers and statistics show that more and more of them are being bought every day. Where are the old ones going? Help spread the word.
  2. Unplug your phone after charging: More recent handsets have a warning that will warn you when a mobile phones charge limit has been attained (when the phone’s battery is full) and then another warning when you unplug the phone from the charger while still powered on.
  3. Use an energy efficient mobile device charger: Careful not to use the fake mobile phone chargers that will degrade your mobile phones life and are poor at saving energy. They leak and are responsible for a lot of e-waste. For the Nokia line of devices, these are the AC10, AC5 and the AC8 line of chargers.
  4. Reduce the brightness on your phone: Less brightness means less power consumed and hence less recurrence time spent charging your mobile phone. The lower the brightness, the longer your battery lasts. Remember that.
  5. Close applications when you are not using them: Unfortunately, leaving applications running in the background consumes extra energy and the only way to preserve your mobile phones charge is to kill the apps running in the background. It makes more sense to run them again when you need them rather than leaving them on permanently.
  6. Get a Green Phone: Did you know that 26 out of 30 Nokia phones are eco friendly? This means that 100% of their parts can be recycled after use. Did you know that the Nokia C6-01 is the first device in the industry to be made of recycled materials?
  7. Download Eco Friendly Apps: These are applications that primarily allow you to access information on what fruits and vegetables are in season, and some even give good information on eco friendly facts and shopping tips.


As for the recycle drives, Nokia will be holding one at the Junction Shopping mall on 3rd and 4th of December 2011 so get on down there and drop your old phones, chargers, batteries and phone parts regardless of brand.

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