Upgrades: Experience On The BlackBerry Torch 2 (9810) So Far

BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 OS 7

BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 OS 7So I recently upgraded my BlackBerry. Or my BlackBerry got an upgrade.

I also saw a couple of my friends get upgraded on their hardware. Some were (and still are legacy Android and Symbian users) so this is a relatively new experience for them.

For one, Blackberry is a very super-user tool. In between sending emails, sharing pictures and updates on the social networks, chatting with other BB users who are on BBM and generally flossing, I would generally say they are enjoying their new devices.

I’ve been a BB user for quite a while now. I used to operate on the Bold 9000, arguably one of the best devices that ever came out of RIM; Superior battery life, good computing power, security and the enviable list of BBM contacts who sort of give a more personalized feel around it. Oh! And the good manly look and feel. It served me very well.

At a glance, the screen on the Torch 2 is bigger than on the first Torch 1 (640×480 against the previous weigh in at 480×360.) so BAM! Larger screen! The 9810 is also a tad bit easier to operate as compared to the 9800.

The new torch series runs on the hyped BlackBerry OS7 that was given good ‘airtime’ by developers on the BlackBerry platform. For users who feel like the need to flaunt a new device, this will get you a pretty good number of ‘Ooohs!’ and Aaahs!’.  It is even easier to edit and reply to emails attached with edited documents as the Torch 9810 comes with ‘Documents to go’ as a standard. Say goodbye to going to the office *insert evil grin here*

The new Torch is actually faster than the first one too. The processor clocks in at 1.2GHz and I’m so glad I waited a few months for it. That doesn’t mean that the new Torch 2 is necessarily faster though; its just something about it working better with its other bundled components like the 5mp camera, pop-up on-screen keyboard and apps in general.

The camera in this one includes a CMOS sensor. This improves shooting a video with lots of moving objects in your shot, or when you don’t have a very stable hand.

Liquid graphics is also a big improvement. Stuff is so much easier to do on this device. Navigation on the web has a rich experience, better on this than on all previous BlackBerrys.

The Torch 9800 had been installed with 512MB of application ROM while the Torch 9810 boasts 768MB. A significant improvement of 256MB. (About 50% more app memory. On-board drive space has been expanded too and upto 8GB to store your photos, music, videos and other documents. The Torch 9810 features a MicroSD slot right under the back cover next to the battery. It can accept as large as 32GB making the total 40GB. You need to be careful though not to add to many Apps to the device as this may result in loooooong boot times when you have to restart your Torch 9810.

Something else worth noting is the much improved browser speed. This will of-course depend on the network provider you are currently on (either Airtel, Safaricom, Orange) but OS7 loads pages much faster than any other previous BlackBerry OS. RIM say it loads pages 1.3 times faster that than OS 6 ad a whole 2 times faster than BB OS 5.

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