Duotone Photographic Exhibition at 2012 Cape Town Jazz Festival

Photograph by John Edwin Mason

I am a photographer. I mean, I too am a photographer. Albeit a budding one. I surely cannot rank myself like the famous Kenyan greats like @truthslinger, @AmungaTheGreat or even James Quest. But I’m trying. I really am. So I’m doing this post for the love of photo-machines.

And I love my work. Well, most of it anyway. My weapon of choice is a Nikon D60 which serves me very well. That and a flash (SB-600) which can ‘throw’ light very far. It really does well. My work has never been published though; except on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. You know what I would really love though, to get onto a platform like the Capetown Jazz Festival. That’s right! Have a great audience.

The CapeTown Jazz Festival happens on the 30th and the 31st of March of 2012. It is a festival like no other in Africa and plans to showcase some really great talent in the Arts. A must attend for all the Artsy people too.

The biggest interest for me though would be the Photography display at the festival.

They call it The Duotone Photographic Exhibition. It is an annual fixture of the festival. Every year it commemorates prolific jazz photography to educate people about the power of art & photography, how one image can be timeless . It also exposes other forms of art, culture and heritage as it is all one form of expression and enjoyment. This year it showcases the works of Angolan Nuno MartinsSipho Maluka and Shelley Christians both from SouthAfrica. I desperately wish that they exhibited some Kenyan Photographers as well. There is good talent in this great country called Kenya, that much I know. So do so many others. It in the past showcased work by Jason Edwin Mason. His work can be viewed somewhere on the African lens website.

A magazine called Africa Lens used some pics here by John Edwin Mason and posted them here. He is a great photographer as well. Maybe my good friend @Oyolla will lend me a Nokia 808 PureView to shoot my way to excellence as well. Are you listening, Kenneth? 🙂

Tickets for the festival are 400 Rand (about 4500 KES) through South African Tourism (SAT) for a single day pass and 550 Rand (about 5600 KES) for a two-day weekend pass. As in previous years, there is an additional fee of 30 Rand per act for performances at the Rosies stage.

Tickets are available at Computicket (www.computicket.com ) here on Computicket and/or Shoprite-Checkers (www.shoprite.co.za) stores.

Visit www.capetownjazzfest.com for more info. You may need media accreditation so please apply at www.capetownjazzfest.com

For more information or interviews with artists and organisers please contact: either

John Boyd on +27 11 506 7300/+27 84 310 9817 or johnb@meropa.co.za and Sarah Anderson on +27 11 506 7316/+27 82 857 4398 or saraha@meropa.co.za both of Meropa Communications.

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