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What is Mobile Movement?

Mobile Movement is the 1st interactive philanthropy, mentor-ship site dedicated to shifting crowd-sourcing from anonymous donations to a relational experience. It allows donors to follow, mentor, participate and interact with project leaders of the particular projects they are donating to. So you donate, and track how the donation was used.

Entrepreneurs and community visionaries in challenging situations can present their business or project in their own voice, broadcast their own stories and solicit micro-financing and mentor-ship from the global community all from the Mobile Movement app installed on a smart phone.

“If we are to succeed in eradicating poverty, we must find innovative ways to gather and share stories of aid working well. We must bring the information behind these stories to life and we must do it on a global scale”, stated Jess Fraser, Co-founder and CEO of Mobile Movement.

The team behind Mobile Movement comprising of filmmakers, designers and economic development specialists believes that people working in the development community have for too long focused on the “why” of donor aid. People have not engaged donors with more robust information and interactions that explain where the money goes and what kind of impact it has on communities to bring a certain sense of accountability. Recipients of international support can now share with global audience first person experiences and the impacts the aid has on themselves and their communities.

The first Mobile Movement scaled initiative is the Yes Youth Can! Project in Western Kenya.  It was arrived upon after testing the concept with an award from the MacArthur Foundation.

Funded by USAID and managed by Winrock International, Yes Youth Can! Western is a project owned, led and managed by the youth and designed to improve the social and economic status of young people and build peace through a network of community leaders.

The program has already started registering impact. Cynthia Ayoti, one of the young people participating in the Yes Youth Can! Program shares on her community project page some information on what the program has done for her and her fellow youth so far.

“Since joining the Mobile Movement it has become more of my Facebook; a new home for learning and sharing. It gives me contentment on seeing youth all around me involved in development processes; a shaping for a better tomorrow.” comments Cynthia.

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