Oracle unveils New IaaS – Infrastructure As A Service

Oracle Infrastructure as A Service Iaas PortfolioOracle, the American company founded by Larry Ellison and well known for its database solutions and public, private and hybrid cloud solutions provides the industry’s broadest and most complete portfolio of public, private and hybrid cloud offerings officially has a new offering in its portfolio. They are calling this new offering the Oracle IaaS to mean Oracle: Infrastructure as a Service. This move is seen as a key pillar towards consolidating its dominance in cloud technology in its private cloud portfolio.

The Oracle IaaS has a new and comprehensive set of integrated applications, platform and infrastructure products and solutions that is promising its customers unmatched performance, scalability and reliability of Oracle Engineered systems for a monthly subscription fee. As you may well know, the private cloud infrastructure gives organizations total control and visibility over their entire IT environments. It also enables them to meet internal and regulatory compliance and security requirements that are normally put in place to ensure data does not leak especially in cases where data is sensitive e.g. in banking institutions.

Infrastructure as a Service includes elastic compute Capacity on Demand that lets a customer change an environment according to how much demand it has. This is a scenario where customers can easily add and remove processing capacity to meet their changing workloads, only paying for maximum computing power when required. This si what cloud has been able to really change. Instead investing in expensive hardware of which you may only use 1/10 of the total capable output, IaaS helps by giving you all the processing power you need on a ‘when you need’ basis. In the end, you only pay for what you have used.

(image courtesy – SiliconIndia)

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