Some Important Rules to Miscellaneously Live (and LOVE) By

Disclaimer: This is not a Tech post by any standards. It is miscellaneous. I rarely do miscellaneous, but YOLO, right? 🙂

A few things that ought to inspire you.

I read a quote during an interview. Keith Olbermann believes that “The World bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you’re not good enough. On occasion some may be Right. But you do not have to do their work for them. Seek out any Job however difficult; Ask anyone out however out of your league they seem and go on to pursue any goal however dreamish it seems.

And hey, Don’t take it personally when someone you ask out says ‘NO‘ – They may just not be smart enough to say ‘Yes’.

I also came across a few more in point form:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other people – Competition is a By-Product of Productive Work, not its Goal. Be Motivated by the Desire to Achieve, not by the Desire to just Beat Others.
  2. It is okay to blame yourself for your mistakes but do not dwell on them for too long. Attract the Positive Stuff.
  3. Get some exercise and make a point to help other people out.
  4. Accept all compliments with “Thank You and with an open mind. Talk affirmatively to others and yourself. Associate only with positive, supportive people.
  5. Make lists and set goals.
Also try and watch this video by Eric Thomas, the HipHop preacher. Enjoy.
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