RUMOUR: Nokia Lumia 1520 With Massive 6 Inch Screen

Lumia 1520 rumour evleaks twitter juuchini

Another rumour has today hit the internet with what seems to be a new line in the Lumia range; the Nokia Lumia 1520. Why is this device different? Because it will apparently have a 6 inch screen (the largest ever in the Lumia range if this rumour is indeed true).

The leak came from the @evleaks Twitter handle a few hours ago as the pic above. What is still unclear is whether this 6 inch beauty is going to be a phone or a tablet.

In the unlikely case that you’re both a fan of Windows Phone and someone who wants a large screened smartphone, I present to you the Nokia Lumia 1520. It is expected to host a fast quad core Snapgdragon processor and will launch with the latest version of Windows Phone which is quite possibly the Amber update which just arrived on the Lumia 620 in East Africa.

Read more on it on the Verge.

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