Samsung Taps Into PayPal For Samsung Hub Payments

Samsung Hub juuchini

Samsung has managed to tap into PayPal, a company that boasts 20 billion USD in payments in 2013 up from 14 billion USD in 2012, for payments for its apps, music files, and all rich content like books, and videos via the Samsung Hub. Even thugh Samsung has its own digital payments property, Samsung Wallet, it seems keen to use other existing infrastructure to effect payments on apps and media on is platform. If you remember correctly, Galaxy S4 smartphones came with an inclusion that was the Samsung Hub which was a fresh item on the Samsung Menu and effectively turned all of its users into beta testers with the purchase of that device.

Samsung is basically asking you the user to make a choice, use either their Samsung Hub or use the Google PlayStore to access your content. It is however unclear what happens once Samsung decides to dive in with its Tizen OS that should be seen on future devices.

Direction with PayPal on Samsung – Samsung Hub (and PayPal for Samsung Apps) will launch first in key markets on the following countries:

  1. Australia,
  2. Italy,
  3. France,
  4. Germany,
  5. Malaysia,
  6. Singapore,
  7. Spain,
  8. United Kingdom
Oh! And there’s already a rumour that the Galaxy S5 will come with Tizen and not Android on launch date. How cool would that be?
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