NIC BANK Launches #NICNOW Mobile Banking App


NIC Bank has today announced a shift towards a new way of banking, dubbed “NOW” Banking which aims to address the needs of time–conscious customers who truly appreciate that time is money by giving them a platform to complete their banking transactions in a fast and effecient manner through a new mobile application. In this new “MOVE to NOW” strategy, NIC Bank will focus on developing products and services that can be delivered in a fast and efficient manner whilst enabling banking needs to be fulfilledin few and easy to follow steps.

“This strategic shift is an answer to the emerging “NOW” generation that demands everything on their fingertips. Through this strategy, we aim to move all our products to the “NOW” platform, to ensure our customer needs are being met NOW!” commented John Gachora, NIC Bank Group Managing Director.

As part of this strategy, NIC Bank has already developed a number of innovations such as NIC NOW Mobile application, online account opening, online cheque deposit and full online banking. Using the aforementioned App, customers on-the-go can perform most of the everyday transactions such as balance enquiry, M-PESA payments, bill payments and fund transfers. The other newly launched feature, the online account opening capability, allows a customer to open an NIC account remotely (away from the actual branch).

Moreover, executives in different companies can now get instant corporate cheques deposited from their office desks using the online cheque deposit.

“Whether it be asset finance, stock trading, retail loans or SME banking, the aim of our MOVE to NOW strategy is to make them available NOW. We are confident that our customers will enjoy faster, efficient, NOW banking, “continued John Gachora.

NIC Bank is leveraging on the increasing need for customers to be extremely time conscious away from previously experienced long lines, numerous hidden charges, and inconveniently located bank branches, with this MOVE to NOW solution considering the ever increasing demand for efficient and timely services in the current day and age.

“There is a little question on the importance of physical branches in the Kenyan consumer’s mind. However, the same consumers today are demanding convenience with a growing preference for services that match their lifestyles. The NOW Banking concept is the Bank’s deliberate effort to make banking easy and convenient. The customer will be the one to choose when, how or where they wish to do their banking. And when they decide, it will be NOW”, added Mr. Gachora.

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