Barclays Africa Launches PROSPER Campaign To Assist Customers Achieve Their Ambitions

Barclays Prosper Campaign
Barclays Prosper Campaign

Barclays Africa has announced a new Pan-African brand campaign named PROPER which aims to capture how the bank is helping people achieve their ambitions – in the right way by creating prosperity for customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

“In Prosper, we believe we have a brand campaign that will unite our businesses across the continent, while bringing to life our purpose of helping our customers achieve their ambitions,” says Jeremy Awori, Managing Director of Barclays Bank in Kenya.

This new Barclays Africa Prosper Campaign will launch in 11 markets across Africa including:

  1. Kenya
  2. Botswana
  3. Mozambique
  4. Seychelles
  5. Mauritius
  6. Tanzania
  7. Ghana
  8. Zambia
  9. Uganda
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. and later Egypt.

The emphasis of this campaign is on Co-Creating Prosperity, as well as storytelling by encouraging people of various ages, culture and gender, to share with the World what the word ‘prosper’ means to them.

The Barclays Prosper Survey – The word prosper invokes different meanings to different people across Africa.  At the centre of the campaign is the question, ‘What does it mean to prosper?’ Barclays has also launched the Barclays Prosper Survey, a Pan-African online survey to assess how the word ‘prosper’ is interpreted in different markets, across different demographics, and how people believe they are able to prosper across Africa.  The survey results will be announced in May 2014.

The Barclays Prosper Community – To capture the art of storytelling in the brand campaign, Barclays has further launched the Barclays Prosper Community, a Facebook community of shared interest and aspirations. The aim of the group is for people across the continent to share stories, pictures and ideas about what it means to prosper.

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