Kenya Ministry Of Planning Conducts Training For Uwezo Fund Managers


The Ministry of Devolution and Planning today embarked on a 2-day training workshop for Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee members (CUFMCs) in an endeavour geared towards increasing common understanding on the objectives of Uwezo Fund and how to implement the same.
The training workshop currently being held at Multi-Media University in Nairobi, draws an audience from 290 constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committees whose members are tasked with the role of managing the fund at the constituency level. The training program seeks to enable participants learn and appreciate the process of receiving project proposals from applicants (groups and institutions) that are interested in being considered for funding.

Participants will also get a better understanding of the process of evaluating applications in order to make a decision on the groups and/or institutions that will receive funds and recommend disbursement of funds to qualified groups and institutions.

Speaking at the event, Ministry of Devolution and Planning Principal Secretary Eng. Peter Mangiti said the training program is essential to ensure that the core team on the ground implementing the program is well-equipped with the requisite skills needed to dispense their duties.

“This training program will ensure that the Fund is managed professionally at the constituency level by a well-equipped team that will guarantee efficiency, accountability and transparency in dispensing its duties,” he said.

The Principal Secretary singled-out the Uwezo Fund as one of the core programs by Kenyan Government that is aimed at empowering the youth, and other marginalized groups in the country, in a bid to spur economic empowerment.

Uwezo Fund was launched by His Excellency the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, on 8th September 2013 and is a flagship project seeking to expand access to finance by promoting enterprises owned by youth, women and persons with disabilities at the constituency level.

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