CS Matiang’i Urges Postal Corporation Of Kenya To Be More Aggressive

Dr. Fred Matiang'i Cabinet Secretary Information communication Technology Kenya Postal Corporation of Kenya JUUCHINI
Fred Matiang’i, the Cabinet Secretary in the ministry of Information Communication And Technology has told the Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) commonly knows as Posta to be aggressive in its services with a main focus on its courier sector in order to increase market share.

Speaking at a celebration ceremony for PCK during the World Postal Day 2014, Matiang’i said there was need for Postal Corporation of Kenya to challenge itself so it does not lag behind as the ICT sector continues to transform the nation.

He said there was need for management to come up with strategies that will guide the parastatal in providing effective and efficient customer service which will help the corporation make profits in the long run.

“In a world where ICT has caused a great challenge for the postal services with the notion and prediction that the sector is headed for failure to a point of being non-existence, there is need for strategies to be put in place,” he said.

Since PCK was established in 1999, it was only last year that the corporation returned to profitability with a cheque to Treasury of Kshs 17.3 million.

“Some of the board members told me they had never been to Treasury because they did not have a reason to go there. I would like us to go there many times because we have the capacity to make money,” said Matiang’i.

With the country embracing technology and the larger population opting for online transactions, the Postal Corporation of Kenya has said it is working to meet the online demand by focusing its efforts on providing a solid base for E-commerce.

The corporation also plans to direct its focus on providing real time and track and trace systems which can be easily achieved even by use of the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

In matters of security, PCK has said it will work in collaboration with other companies to ensure improved Cyber Security, and consistent level of security in service provision among service providers so customers are confident in using the systems.

PCK has been mandated to implement the National Payment Gateway that the ministry of ICT in collaboration with other ministries and bodies is setting up, due to its wide network across the country.



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