MTN Business Supports SMEs In Ghana With Eazifon


It will now be easy for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) to carry out their daily business activities after MTN Ghana launched a fixed wireless and portable phone, the MTN Eazifon.

The new device which has been introduced to help ensure SMEs remain connected to their customers and associates in real time, presents an alternative to the traditional land-line fixed phone and comes with features and properties of a fixed phone.

Eazifon has been unveiled in three different varieties, including Eazifon Plus with extensions, Eazifon Corded and Eazifon Cordless.

The Eazifon + (Plus) features a master base handset with up to four extensions that can connect to it at the same time. On the other hand, the Eazifon Corded is designed to function like the Eazifon plus but it does not feature the extensions.

The corded Eazifon is a wireless desk phone that will use a SIM card and it features a 2.4 inch display, with capabilities like those of a mobile handset such as SMS, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Call barring.

Eazifon Corded has a phonebook capable of taking up to 4000 contacts, can save up to 1000 SMS and customize ringtones for callers

Then there is the Eazifon Cordless that will work like the Plus but again without the extensions and will allow for three-way calling as well as the conference calls.

Even though offered as a postpaid service requiring a fixed monthly fee, MTN Eazifon will also have the option to load prepaid airtime like other regular mobile phones in the case the user runs out of credit.

Customers who choose to go with the fixed monthly fee subscription option will enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Free minutes of talk time at a lower tariff
  2. Free SMS monthly
  3. Free (Closed User Group) CUG calls between the Eazifon and contract postpaid lines

The MTN Eazifons are plug-and-play allowing for easy disconnection and reconnection so that the user can move around with it wherever they go.



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