MTN Customers To Enjoy New Reverse Call Service


MTN Group will now allow its customers to stay connected on the network even when they have run out of airtime, by making a reversed charge call through a new service by the company dubbed MTN Pay4Me.

The just launched service will enable subscribers who do not have sufficient airtime to reverse the call to the receiver, who will be charged instead of the caller. The receiver of the call will have the option to either accept or reject the call.

MTN Pay4Me service will charge persons choosing to accept a reverse call at a fixed rate regardless of the tariff plan one is subscribed to, be it Postpaid or Prepaid.

If the receiver of the call also does not have sufficient airtime to pay for the call, a notification in the form of a text message will be sent to the receiver about the missed Pay4Me call.

Subscribers can also configure settings on the Pay4Me service to automatically accept calls from certain MTN users, in the case they find themselves sponsoring calls on a regular basis.

“This functionality saves time for the customer as the sponsor does not have to approve a Pay4Me request every time the frequent users of the service calls them,” said Larry Annetts, the chief Marketing Officer at MTN South Africa.

MTN Pay4Me is available to all subscribers of the network and is limited to MTN to MTN calls.

To use the service, customers are required to dial the number 127 followed by the number they wish to call and press the call button or alternatively they can enter the code *127* followed by the number then #.


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