Philips Customers To Identify Counterfeit Products Through SMS

Philips has unveiled a new informative campaign aimed at protecting consumers and creating awareness about counterfeit products in the market, with plans to launch the campaign in other countries across the Sub-Saharan Africa region in 2015.

The campaign, dubbed Buy Original will help in educating consumers on identifying an original genuine product from a counterfeit one through new measures by the company to be introduced to consumers.

Philips customers will be provided with a 16 digit validation code for all lighting products, innovative hologram security stickers for lamps and the company’s original sticker for consumer lifestyle products to enable easy and instantaneous identification of originals.

An SMS number has also been set up to help in the authentication of the Philips lighting portfolio in the case a consumer is in doubt, through which Kenyans will be required to send the 16 digit serial number of the product to the code 20222 for confirmation of originality.

The campaign has been launched as a pilot program for the lighting category of products and if successful, Philips will extend the roll out of the campaign to the consumer lifestyle category of products as well.

Consumers in the country can also post any queries they may have or feedback by visiting the Buy Original website, set up exclusively for the campaign service and also will provide information of all Philips authorized dealers across the country.

“The Philips ‘Buy Original’ campaign will not only allow consumers to easily identify a Philips original but empower them to take the necessary steps in reducing counterfeit trading in the country,” said Roelef Assies, the General Manager Philips East Africa.

Consumers have been asked to look out for the Philips Original sticker on the packaging and the 16 digit code on the security label to be found on the products’ box, in the process of identifying original from counterfeit.


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