Good News To NonCoders With Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator

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In a digital era where everyone is trying to figure out the easiest way of accomplishing tasks in the most effective way, mobile use is increasing with more businesses playing in the bring your own device (BYOD) environment and according to research this is improving lives and developing Africa.

Many people now feel the need to create mobile applications that will cater for all their business operations since the existing apps do not fully cover or meet their needs. Developing these apps, however, becomes difficult because of the technicalities involved.

The need to have knowledge skills in coding and all the technical requirements that surround apps development becomes discouraging and if there is not enough money to outsource a coding professional, people opt to settle for what is available in the market.

Mobility has been named as one of the important elements shaping the future of Information and Technology across nations, but for it to be complete and effective it has to interact with other important elements including Cloud, Big data, Internet of Things and Social platforms.

This is why, when Oracle announced a new capability to its Oracle mobile cloud service offing that will allow anyone to develop an app, I was excited to write about it.

The new capability dubbed Oracle MAX (Mobile Application Accelerator) was announced to the Kenyan community during this year’s edition of Oracle Open Day that took place on Friday, November 7, 2014.

Oracle MAX feature is good news to all, even those who do not have any past experience in app development or those with no technical skills for creating applications as it has been designed to let Oracle cater for all the coding nitty-gritties.

About Oracle MAX

Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) is a feature that will be added to the Oracle Mobile Cloud service to help enterprises develop their own mobile applications through a web browser, to suit their specific business operations.

As it is complicated to roll out different versions of an app to run on all the different devices and operating systems available in the market, businesses will be able to develop the app version that will work best in easing their business operations.

The mobile app accelerator has been designed for use on mobile and desktop to help build mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, making it easy for users who do not have coding skills by providing a live view of the app during the development and editing stages.

Oracle MAX feature also eliminates the need for developers to configure the development environments for desktops, allowing for rapid developments and deployment of mobile solutions by different professionals.

Based on a set of practices for UI design, the accelerator makes it possible for the creation of mobile apps that will leverage multiple page templates and by using mobile cloud, connect them to various back-end systems.

In addition, users can use the Oracle Mobile Application Framework to improve the mobile apps they create using Oracle MAX.

The accelerator is currently not compatible with Windows and Blackberry devices.


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