Intel Is Redefining The Wearable Tech Space With Fashionable Bracelets

Intel Make It Wearable JUUCHINI

The world of wearable technology is expanding and tech giants continue to introduce wearable devices to allow people across the globe to adopt technology for a more personal and seamless use by making it available in a more fashionable way.

From the popular smartwatches, now developed to make calls and send text messages in addition to receiving notifications, to wristbands and even smart rings, these wearable devices are taking the mobile functionality to a whole new level.

Taking a different approach to this area is Intel, with their first wearable device that has been designed to be fashionable and offer luxury as a stylish bracelet, developed in partnership with  fashion designers.

Intel partnered Opening Ceremony, a fashion designs retail store, to develop a wearable device that would bring tech to jewellery by offering a more comfortable feel in order to eliminate the bulkiness and retain the beauty of an accessory.

Dubbed My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA), the bracelet has been introduced to cater for the stylish, connected woman and will also be available for purchase as an accessory at fashion stores.

Coated with 18K gold, The MICA bracelet, engineered with Intel technology, allows users to easily view messages, emails, calendar schedule and alerts from their VIP contacts on the curved sapphire glass touchscreen display.

Messages are received through a vibration notification and one has an option to prioritize the people from whom to receive messages, through a VIPs feature for important notifications.

MICA also enables notifications for any appointments from the user’s Google+ and Facebook accounts, allowing users to respond to requests from the two platforms.

The bracelet is also featured to remind the user on an upcoming appointment through the Time To GO (TTG) feature powered by Tom Tom, and also through a search functionality, informs the user on a nearby shopping store, restaurant and other establishments.

Fashionable Features To Note


The MICA bracelet comes in two distinct design styles; one in black and one in white. While both feature a water snake skin design, the black MICA is designed with pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar.

In the second style, the white MICA features the golden-brown Tiger’s eye gemstone from South Africa and the obsidian from Russia.

For those wondering what am fussing about, Pearls are known for their elegant beauty and of course royalty, while lapis stones are gemstones used in making jewellery and are praised for their deep blue glassy colour.

The Tiger’s eye, on the other hand is a beautiful golden-yellow stone or crystal that has been said to eliminate fear and instead elude happiness and invite success. A myth, maybe, but if offers comfort and intended beauty.

Connected by AT&T, the bracelet provides remote access and locking, ability to locate the device and configuration capabilities through a web-based portal for security.

With up to two days battery life and featuring a micro-USB charging, the MICA bracelet will start retailing at $495 (Ksh 44,550) and will include a two-year wireless service plan provided by Intel.

Mobile technology is guiding how people do their business, by offering services on the go and many wearables are providing for this but site issues on not being too attractive or being too cumbersome, the MICA bracelet eliminates this with its elegance and beauty.

However, as much as the wearable is very fashionable and aims at connecting women, it does not have the features allowed for in the latest smartwatches in the market, like the Gear S that functions like a stand-alone phone instead of just a smartphone extension functionality.



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