Kenya Power To Implement Real Time Data Solution

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Power distributor Kenya Power has selected IBM for the provision of an automated system that will enable the real time streaming of all business processes associated with the company, as part of implementation of expansion plans by Kenya Power.

The system, which will use IBM analytics, is set to gather data from ten key operational sources to provide a single view of enterprise data that will ease the process of monitoring the company’s business operations as well as anticipate future consumer needs.

Kenya power is also venturing into the Cloud and BYOD environments as the real-time analytics from the IBM system will offer access through cloud computing, allowing executives to use their mobile devices to view data while working remotely.

“The analytics solution gives us the ability to rapidly perform complex queries on data. For example, we can better manage the power grids more efficiently in specific areas during certain times of the day,” said Ben Chumo, CEO Kenya Power.

The IBM solution will help provide a central repository for various data sources from the different systems that Kenya power has including billing, customer relationships and government census to match customer information, with the analytic capability consolidating all these functions.

The company, which has enjoyed monopoly in the power distribution sector in the country, is planning to use latest technologies to expand its clientele by another 1 million clients and push electricity generation capacity to over 5000 megawatts in 2015 from the current 2025.

And just like other companies across the globe enjoying the benefits that cloud computing brings to the table, Kenya Power will have the capability to leverage big data in order to gain deeper insights of their customers and power grids through this new solution.


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