Tigo Ghana Plans To Reduce Cable Cuts With Overhead Fibre


With most network companies preferring to install fibre cables underground, as it is recorded to be less susceptible to damage than the overhead fibre, Tigo Ghana seems to have a different opinion about the same through a new overhead fibre project.

The mobile network operator owned by Millicom, has started a 3.2 Million Dollars project that will see the telecom put up overhead fibre-optic cables as part of efforts to improve user experience across the country and reduce damages.

The project is set to focus on areas that are prone to underground fibre cuts from illegal miners, road contractors and property developers which has resulted in affecting the network quality and customer experience in the regions.

Set to be completed by February 2015, the overhead fibre project will be rolled out in 3 phases and will involve the putting up of 4,600 concrete poles to cover a 360 kilometre distance.

Regions that have been affected mostly are the metropolitan areas where development continues to take place, including the Western regions and the Ashanti regions situated in South of Ghana, where road expansion projects are rampant.

“On the average we record about 51 cable cuts every month between the Ashanti and Western regions due to operations of illegal mine workers and on-going road projects,” said Obafemi Banigbe Chief Operating Officer, Tigo Ghana.

Through the overhead cables, Tigo Ghana believes it will not only save up money that is used to replace cut cables and maintain them but will also provide customers with an unlimited network connection improving their experience.

“Putting the cables on overhead concrete poles would stop people from digging them out in the ground and this will boost network quality, improve customer and user experience and also increase Tigo’s footprints in the two regions,” said Banigbe.

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