Dubai Bank Kenya Joins Mobile Banking With M-Sasa


There is a new player in the mobile banking sector for improved experience among customers, through a new mobile system solution dubbed M-Sasa that will be available for Kenyans banking with Dubai Bank.

The bank has joined key financial lenders across the country who continue to make available better and more efficient ways of carrying out transactions by introducing the new mobile solution powered by solutions provider company, Rapid Communications Ltd.

M-Sasa mobile solution has been introduced to cater for both customers of the bank and the unbanked population in the country, and just like through other mobile platforms users will access various functions including deposit and withrawadls, balance status, mini statements, access to loans, SMS platform, access to M-Commerce and also carry out M-Pesa transactions.

Customers wanting to use the mobile service will be required to dial the code *213# from their mobile phones.

Dubai Bank expects that the new solution will help bridge the gap that exists between those who have access to banking services and those who do not have access at all, by providing services through the mobile devices that have become a companion for the majority.

“Over 30 per cent of the population have access to informal services and more than 35 per cent do not have access to any banking services and rely on savings and credit, table savings and merry-go rounds,” said Dubai Bank Executive Director, Geoffry Ndambuki.

Rapid Communications will be in charge of maintaining and managing the banking solution as well as continue to introduce more innovative solutions for the bank, to grow the bank’s customer base by providing better customer satisfaction.

Those who may not know about Rapid Communications, it is the solutions company behind various platforms introduced into the mobile market earlier this year that include Elefone App, Vooka Online and TuAsk.

Elefone App is a social media solution for Android and iOS devices that is designed to work like WhatsApp and that incorporates various features to act as a combinations of other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Vooka Online on the other hand is a live streaming platform that allows users to watch their favourite TV channels, play games and download music videos on-the-go through their mobile devices. TuAsk is an online directory providing users with directions to business stores close to them.

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