Huawei’s ICT Training Program Applications Open Until December 14


In June this year, the Kenyan government through the country’s ICT Authority entered into partnership with Huawei Technologies to introduce an internship program that would see students in Kenya get in communication technologies.

The internship programme, dubbed Telecom Seeds for the Future was introduced to offer training to engineering students currently enrolled in various universities in the country, in their 3rd, 4th and 5th year.

Five months after the signing of the deal, set to last for a three-year period, Kenya has sent nine engineering students to take on the ICT training offing through the program in Huawei’s home country China.

Through the Telecom Seeds for the Future Programme, the students are set to interact with Huawei technical staff and other engineering students from different countries as well as acquire improved ICT skills with a focus on telecommunications infrastructure.

Kenyan students are invited to apply for the January 2015 intake of the program that is currently ongoing and is set to close on December 14, 2014.

Students applying should be enrolled in either communication Science, Telecommunications or Electrical engineering courses in their 3rd year onwards to be considered.

About Huawei’s Telecom Seeds Program

Telecom Seeds for the Future Programme was introduced by Huawei Technologies to help improve the number of technical staff needed to address the challenge that has come by due to the fast growing ICT industry.

According to a recent report, the developing world is plagued largely by poor ICT skills where most people have the education but do not have the necessary skills to perform in a real-world setting, leading to adoption of latest technologies without enough skilled personnel.

Through this programme, Huawei aims to create opportunities for more people to learn about the latest technologies that continue to be unveiled in the hope of creating more jobs, greater industry investment and grow the economy through innovation.

Huawei takes a greater focus in the telecommunications sector through the program, seeking to develop local ICT talent, transfer knowledge and promote a greater understanding of the sector as well as encourage regional participation in the digital community.

Top University students are able to benefit through scholarships from the program, with select students being chosen for work experience opportunities at the company.

Applying for the Program

Launched in 2011 in Kenya through a partnership with Safaricom, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and ministry of Higher education as well as public universities, the program has seen over 250 students receive scholarships, training and internships with some already recruited at Huawei Kenya.

To apply for a chance to be selected for the ICT program, Kenyans will be required to be enrolled in the University and taking an engineering course with a specialization in Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science for eligibility.

Those with necessary qualifications will be required to send their applications online for review by visiting the ICT Authority site here, through a username and password to be created at the first stage of the application.

With the username and password, interested parties can then fill out the application form, save work and also attach supporting documents over time.

The Kenyan government recently launched its own ICT internship program in the country that is set to help build ICT capacity among the youth by promoting ICT talent.





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