Tune Off Boredom This Christmas With A Portable Speaker


The festive season has been with us since the beginning of the month, some places it came early starting end of November. Different countries have different moods and different cities celebrate the Christmas holiday season differently, in Kenya it’s always time to go upcountry.

Now, upcountry is plagued with lack of various amenities and for the city folk, electricity is the biggest challenge they have to deal with during the festivities. This however, is not as prevalent since most places have power supply but it is still faced with challenges such as frequent cuts, not enough charging systems or there are just too many people watching very boring music videos and the Christmas movies and songs become unbearable.

Christmas is family time for most Kenyans, especially for the elderly and traditional folk who insist on going upcountry even though the younger generation would rather spend the Christmas holiday in a luxurious hotel enjoying a good swim, playing games, watching movies or just keeping glued to their favourite toys (mobile phones).

With uptake of latest technology solutions registering high in the country, the tech Santa Claus is on the way to deliver coping gadgets for when you are upcountry and counting down days. The tech Santa, however will require you to pay as the gifts might just be delivered by drones to your doorstep.

At this point I believe everyone needing distraction have at least one digital device, or gadget. For a reminder, do not leave behind either your laptop (for the young generation still having a problem with evolving to latest technology), tablet, phablet, smartphone, USB and HDMI cables, portable charging systems to curb the fear of being offline or as they now call it, analogue clique.

Earphones will not be enough, you will need the Portable Speaker. Whether by Bluetooth or using cable connection to your device, these speakers give you good quality sound and offers an ambience like that of an all surround sound system. Yes, they do. The youth could come together and use the speaker around bonfire without disturbing the older folk sharing stories of the old days.

It is also small enough to carry around in a handbag or for men, in their manbags and unlike earphones that make one appear rude to those around them, the speaker allows users to relax in a city kind of way, wherever they are.

Kenyans can choose from either the portable Bluetooth Speaker that also allows for USB connection from any of your digital devices. The speaker is available in colourful ranges for about KSh2,000 or can be ordered online through Kilimall at a discounted Christmas price at KSh1,095. It lasts at least 5 hours when fully charged. That is a night sorted.

The other option is Nokia’s Coloud Bang Speaker. Also in various ranges, the speaker uses an audio cable connection to your digital device and you can use it to listen to your favourite music or watch a movie.  It lasts up to 8 hours on full charge and can be used two at a time, by connecting the two through the audio port.

The speaker, however, was made available in Kenya as an added accessory to purchase of the latest Lumia 530. Whether it is available now for purchase, I don’t know, but I own one and I can confirm it works for me on a road trip or when Kenya Power have decided I have had enough of TV for a week.

Now that I have saved your car batteries – let’s admit, car music is always the option when all is lost but there is always complains about the battery. The portable speaker is a must have this Christmas for Kenyans travelling upcountry, at least I know I will not leave mine behind.





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