As Africa Awaits Low-Cost Smartphones Here Is An Eye-Candy


Africa has been labeled the target market for major developments and business opportunities, and investors continue to praise the amount of potential that the continent has, with a specific approach in Startup funding to help solve the day-to-day problems of the African people and get monetary benefits at the same time.

The tech scene is a huge sector for growth and most investors, both internal and external have realised that ICT is the key driver of all sectors contributing to the economy such as Agribusiness. In this light, young developers continue to be encouraged to develop mobile applications that will propel Africa’s growth.

Most mobile applications are designed to be accessed and used on smartphones, and with the large number of people across the continent living on a low income, phone manufacturers and telecommunication companies are now working together to make available low-cost smartphones that will allow more people online.

Alcatel is one of the manufacturers to make a name for its low-end smartphones, though it is now hinting on changing that notion with its latest OS-agnostic smartphone. So was Tecno, and now Microsoft Devices with its low cost Lumia devices that hit the market last year. Huawei also made an entry into the market with a low-cost smartphone but as it progresses, that has since changed.

As is good news to many Kenyans, and Africa as a whole, several surveys predicted that in the year 2015, more affordable smartphones will enter into the market. So far, only the new Acer Liquid Z410 announcement has closed in on the predictions, but its only a week into the year so there is room for new devices – preferrably, very affordable.

What is for celebration at the moment, though, is the high-end luxurious Lamborghini smartphone that was newly launched. If it is not the definition of finesse, I don’t know what is.

The Tonino Lamborghini Spotting Leather

Meant for the high-end customers who would purchase a device just to stand out from a crowd (not that they would be found in one) or because they have more than enough money to throw around or to just maintain class, the Tonino Lamborghini is a beauty designed with care like the car model.

Remember the high-end luxurious Porsche Design smartphone by BlackBerry that attracted approximately KSh200,00 ($2,400) in purchase – the same one flaunted by Kenyan socialite (Vera Sidika) on social media. Well, the Lamborghini smartphone doubles that price and more to retail at about 540,000 ($6,000).

Yes, more than half a million is the asking price for the Lamborghini smartphone. And while most Kenyans may be cursing and thinking of the land they could own with that kind of money or less, some are making arrangements on how to get the high-end smartphone – And that is alright, because it is meant for a selected few with only 1947 units.

Those crazy enough to get the phone will definitely stand out as it intended, as the phone is fitted with a leather finish in different colours and is surrounded by stainless steel in Gold-plates and spots a special glass on its display – one used in Lamborghini cars, according to the phone makers.

Getting past the finesse and into the hardware specs, the device runs on the Android 4.4 operation system, is powered by a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, has a 5-inch display and spots a 20 Megapixel rear camera alongside an 8 MegaPixel front-facing camera.

With 3G of RAM, the Lamborghini launched as a Dual SIM device and will have an expandable memory of up to 64GB. Not much of an exquisite smartphone on the inside (no cutting-edge features) as it is on view, but it is a beauty. And at least it does not come close to the insane price tagged on the high-end Vertu phones.

And as the insane few purchase the Lamborghini Tauri 88 smartphone, the rest of the world can hope to see better priced mobile handsets designed for them in the coming days, as I cross my fingers that a smartphone designed specifically for me will make its way into my hands soon.



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