Become A Certified Android Developer And Hacker With @iLab Africa

Android App Developer Certification

Kenyan students who are passionate about programming are invited to take up a two-month developer program course with @iLab Africa, after which they will be issued with a certification document as proof of the acquired app development skills.

The course will focus on mobile app development on the Android platform, whose uptake is wide across mobile device manufacturers making it a dominant platform across the country, continent and across the globe as other platforms try their best to catch up.

To be accepted into the program will be those who just completed their form four studies from a Kenyan high school, as well as those undertaking their undergraduate courses in campuses across the country. For acceptance, the applicant will be required to part with KSh 60,000 to cover the training.

@iLab Africa, which is hosted at Strathmore University, is an incubation hub that is famous for supporting entrepreneurship programmes that focus on local apps and software development to foster growth in the country’s economy as well as empower the youths.

Through a partnership with Samsung, the incubation facility has helped developers build various mobile apps aimed at easing operations for Kenyans as well as create new business opportunities for a larger market.

The latest app introduction batch was unveiled in Novermber, with a total of 8 local apps being introduced into the market and plans to introduce more underway in the continued Samsung partnership.

In the certification course, student will receive training on how to create android applications to solve real world problems and will also be introduced to Java programming from the basic lever to the final product.

Students will also be exposed to app development related issues such as User interface, application services, permission and security, data persistence, application hosting, application marketing as well as graphics and video resources among others.

At completion stage, @iLab Africa hopes that the students will have acquired various skills to help them in proposal writing for the apps they would be developing, be able to pitch their ideas to investors and also know how to make that idea into a business.

The Certified Mobile Developer (CMD 2015) set to begin its training on the 19th of this month (January) and end on March 19, with application still open to anyone interested.

@iLab Africa is also undertaking its 2015 edition of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training programme that seeks to provide IT professionals and students with ethical hacking skills to help prevent and control security threats.

The CEH programme usually takes three weeks and is offered through evening classes at the Strathmore University, attracting a training fee of KSh 30,000 for students enrolled in Strathmore and KSh 100,000 for those in other campuses or outsiders.

January intake is still open to applications for last minute applicants as the training begins Monday, the 12th.

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