East Africa To Expect More Of iROKOtv In 2015


You must have heard of iROKOTV, the once upon a time Nigerian startup that has now become a popular by allowing its users get access to Nollywood movies as well as other TV shows online, both through web and their mobile devices through the company’s mobile app.

iROKOtv, the VoD online platform that has garnered success and received praise across Nations is now a fully fledged company with user numbers amounting to millions. Now in that same success spirit, the online platform has introduced its services in Rwanda through Tigo.

In a partnership made earlier this week, subscribers of the Tigo network in Rwanda will now be able to access the Nollywood movies offered through the online VoD platform, becoming the first country in East Africa to receive iROKOtv’s services.

Sometime last year, Jason Njoku, the CEO at iROKOtv laid out his intentions to launch its services in the East African region and this week has cemented that intention with its East Africa headquarter outlet being unveiled in Rwanda.

The East African country recently launched its 4G network to join Tanzania and Uganda in offering the high-speed network and Tigo, though taking up the 4G service in Kigali alone for now, is also on board the high-speed 4G LTE network.

With 4G network, Tigo subscribers are bound to experience the advantages that come with fast video streaming that is said to eliminate the buffering process experienced through the 4G network when streaming high-definition videos and movies.

East Africa should expect to see more iROKOtv launches in the region in the next coming months as the company seeks to profit off the region, which is said to have better internet bundle packages that host country Nigeria.

According to Njoku, East Africa countries have the best internet packages as compared to Nigeria and establishing presence in the region would be good news to iROKOtv as most people will be able to stream the popular and widely watched Nollywood movies.

Also to benefit iROKOtv is the fact that the region has done extremely well when it comes to electronic and mobile payments as opposed to Nigeria, especially with the successful Mpesa platform, that is a big deal for voice-on-demand operations.

iROKOtv has also introduced its services recently in Ghana through a partnereship deal with Vodafone, where it will provide movie content to Vodafone subscribers at a monthly subscription fee of 20 cedes.

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