Kenya Officials To Receive Training On e-Government


As part of efforts by the government to achieve digital and financial inclusion by introducing electronic services in all its operations to improve customer delivery, a total of 45 government officials are planned to receive ICT training starting Monday so as to improve communication in their specific institutions.

The training, which will be done through a partnership by the government and the United Nations, is expected to provide ICT skills to the officials that will be vital for effective dissemination of information to the public about various sectors.

Also aimed at enhancing services in the education sector and helping citizens in the digital migration transition, the Ministry of ICT believes that this training along with the Presidential Digital Programme (PDP) that is focused to ICT training, the nation is bound to achieve sustainable development.

Through the PDP initiative, about 200 officers who have already received ICT training are set to be dispersed across various government institutions including the Huduma Centres, Ministries, as well as other agencies in the coming months.

Last year, the government in collaboration with private stakeholders launched a Presidential Digital Talent Programme that would seek to improve the way technology is used to increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, by training Kenyans on ICT leadership skills.

Through the digital programme initiative, the Kenyatta government expects to achieve an ICT talent pool for its services by training about 100 people every year to be spread out over four quarters.

Following the e-Government training scheduled to begin next week on Monday, the UN will be providing the training support to the government through its United Nations Department of Social Affairs (UNDESA) unit as its mandate to promote development in developing nations.

This new move may be a good step for the government in reaching their services to the marginalized communities who may not understand how to familiarize themselves with the digital era, where every operation is being done more effectively through technology.

Today, services such as obtaining travel documents and identification papers have become less tacky with the introduction of Huduma centres in various regions in the country, as more centres continue to come up.

Also the trade industry has recently received a set of good news where through a web portal, players will be able to receive export information, register for trade services and also obtain certificates of origin online, reducing delays that came with traditional manual processes.

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