GSMA Launches Online Marketplace To Connect Buyers And Sellers



GSMA LAUNCHES ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR BUYERS AND SELLERThe Mobile World Congress comes to you every year and every player in the mobile industry is always keen to take advantage of the global platform to launch their latest products as it is the largest annual event in the industry , with this year’s edition having just ended after introducing great toys like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple Watch among others.

In the hope to establish a faster and more effective connection between buyers and sellers in the telecommunications industry, GSMA, the organizers of this annual event have launched a new online commerce platform that will allow players in the industry to put up their products and have consumers gain access to them and make purchases in the case they are impressed.

Dubbed the GSMA Marketplace, the platform is the first of its kind in the world providing an opportunity for people in the mobile industry to carry out their business transactions from wherever they are and at anytime, addressing the problem of inefficiency in the procurement process.

With over 1,300 buyers and sellers from the telecommunications industry already registered on the platform, GSMA welcomes firms to become part of the Marketplace that is geared towards becoming the ultimate online destination for business and leverage the worldwide networks and contacts that GSMA is proud to have.

“Whether you are a buyer looking for greater innovation or better prices in your procurement of products or services, or a seller seeking to win new business and enter new markets, the GSMA Marketplace will let you browse, contact and connect with companies who can help you achieve your objectives,” said John Hoffman, CEO GSMA Ltd.

Just like it brings together players in the mobile industry at the annual world-class event – the Mobile World Congress – GSMA now wants to provide a digital platform where these players do not have to wait to showcase their products or interact with consumers, but instead can do the same whenever they feel the need by just being part of the GSMA Marketplace. The platform will also ensure that firms that are left out in the congress have the opportunity to participate.

Through the new platform, sellers will be able to establish their customized online storefronts where they can upload their product and service catalogues and respond to instant Request for Proposals (RFPs) as well as other more complex queries, which will enable them to expand their reach in the market and increase visibility.

Eliminating the barriers of time and distance, GSMA has invited its members to become buyers meaning they will be able to do research, discover and connect with suppliers in real-time and thereby promoting innovations at a quicker pace. Also provided on the platform is a Research Centre feature that will allow buyers and sellers to analyse markets, potential partners and competitors.

Now, anyone wanting to register to become a seller on the GSMA Marketplace will be required to part with an annual subscription fee of $1500 (about KSh 137,000) while becoming a buyer will be free of any charges. Registration is currently available on the already running GSMA Marketplace.

The GSMA Marketplace is planned to roll out in phases, with the first phase enabling buyers to search, discover and make contact with sellers, while future phases will be driven by feedback from both buyers and sellers, as well as formal accreditation of sellers.

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