How Samsung Is Working With SAP To Provide Enterprise Solutions

                         SAP Mobile Electronic Medical Record Built On Samsung Device

November last year saw Samsung Electronics announce an expected partnership with software company SAP that would see the two deliver enterprise mobility solutions for a number of industries, getting behind Apple who inked a similar deal with IBM and now the collaboration has come to the African continent with a South Africa launch.

Samsung South Africa has announced that it will work with SAP to implement an ecosystem based on Samsung’s mobile devices and the mobile platform from SAP, creating an opportunity for developers to take advantage of the integrated offing that will provide joint mobile, wearables and Cloud services, through SAP HANA cloud platform.

Also, with Samsung entering the mobile payments market with its own Samsung Pay, the new collaboration is set to become beneficial to the retail industry as people will now be able to make payments on-the-go and enjoy innovative shopping experiences.

With corporations in the mobile industry innovating to provide efficiency in the workplace, SAP and Samsung wants to extend the enterprise software in a more secure and intuitive manner that will extend to the workforce, providing shorter time to carry out various business functions such as marketing, access to revenue streams as well as real-time decision support for executives.

Through the collaboration, both mobile and web developers will be provided with an opportunity to innovate with Samsung and SAP as the large system integrators are enabled to create scenarios that can address current market needs as well as the disruptive opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT).

While Samsung intends to use the new partnership to ensure a premium mobile experience is delivered to consumers to allow organizations operate effectively in the enterprise environment, SAP wants to provide businesses with new ways of interacting with applications that will align with how they work today – always on the move.

“It should match the current trends in mobility and must work to create a seamless experience, as the work modality embraces mobile devices, wearables, the Internet of Things and other alternative forms of computing,” said Manoj Bhoola, the Head of Innovation -Database and Technology at SAP Africa.

Currently, the opportunities available for the collaboration to bring value to customers is those brought about by the shift towards mobility and the emerging IoT scenarios and that is what Samsung and SAP plan to focus on initially as they grow their collaboration further.

Samsung’s Director of Enterprise Mobility in South Africa, Paula Ferreira says, “Samsung’s approach to B2B is not about pushing products that simply depend on clever apps…Samsung is connection a broad portfolio of great devices, holistic enterprise-ready solutions and world class services to help businesses transform the way they operate and grow.

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