Intel Kitted This School In Machakos With An eLearning Solution



A primary school in Machakos County is one of the beneficiaries to an e-learning classroom solution for private schools that was launched at the school yesterday (March 27, 2015), following a collaboration between Intel Corporation and the Kenya Private School Association.

The new e-learning solution that was unveiled at the Syokimau Blessed School features laptops that are built purposely for education and come rugged to withstand any mishandling from the children, including falls, dust and liquids. They also come with built-in digital security, online protection, tools for multimedia viewing and come preloaded with Intel Education Software.

Also included in the e-classroom solution is a box consisting of a high capacity WiFi Access Point, Internet Router, server and the Intel Education Content Access Point – a device that stores, manages and publishes digital content for schools with low connectivity and provides up to five hours of continuous and reliable use even with power interruption.

Achieved as result of various partnerships with players in the ICT industry, the new solution was introduced to address the problem that most schools are having with integrating latest technologies with their education ecosystems by serving as a reference for other schools, which will challenge them to adopt ICT in their learning and teaching processes.

“A major challenge in the adoption of ICT in schools is how to use it as a tool that complements learning in a classroom. Acquiring laptops or tablets is one thing but successfully integrating that technology in the learning environment through a holistic approach is a challenge most of our schools are struggling with,” said Peter Ndoro, the CEO of KPSA.

The solution, already being enjoyed by the pupils in the school has been hailed as a system that has increased motivation for both the teachers who are able to prepare, analyze and communicate ideas using the technology and pupils who have demonstrated more excitement and involvement in the learning process.

“We have seen schools purchase laptops designed for consumers or businesses as most do not know that there are laptops purpose built for education,” said Alex Twinomugisha, the Intel Business Development Manager for Education in East Africa.

“By collaborating with KPSA and the other partners, we have developed a holistic solution that empowers the teacher on how to integrate technology in the classroom, acquire relevant digital education content, help the school select the right devices for education and learn how to manage the devices,” he added.

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