Twitter Honours Fans With Star Wars Emoticons Called #StarWarsEmojis

Star Wars Celebration Emojis Twitter JUUCHINI

Star Wars Celebration Emojis Twitter #StarWarsEmojis

Twitter has rolled out new innovation that seeks to capture the attention of Star Wars fans worldwide in anticipation of the upcoming movie – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Starting 16th April, Twitter users will have even more ways to express their passion about their favorite pop culture phenomenon with new Twitter-exclusive #StarWarsEmojis. The new emojis ensure that fans are able to show their undying enthusiasm for the evolving Star Wars phenomenon.

The first three #StarWarsEmojis debuted today during the Star Wars Celebration underway in Anaheim, California. Others, including both iconic legacy characters and a handful of new ones in #TheForceAwakens, will appear later in the year.

Tweeting a #StarWarsEmoji is actually quite simple – all a Twitter user needs to do it post the hashtags representing keywords associated with specific Star Wars characters.

Once one does that, legacy themes will see a small emoji-like icon automatically appended to the end of the text of the tag, embedded within the Tweet.

These hashtags are:

  1. #C3PO
  2. #BB8
  3. #StormTrooper

Check them out on Twitter.

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