MainOne Launch Microsoft-Backed Data Center Cloud Solution

Microsoft Nigeria and MainOne Cloud As A Service Launched_2 JUUCHINI
Microsoft Nigeria and MainOne Cloud As A Service Launched_2 JUUCHINI
Microsoft Nigeria and MainOne Cloud As A Service

The world over is facing a tough time as far as economic conditions are concerned.

In light this, MainOne and Microsoft have called for the adoption of data center co-location and enterprise cloud solutions with a key advantage selling point that stresses benefits that include cost savings and high availability to their customers.

Speaking during a MainOne & Microsoft Enterprise Seminar dubbed “Innovative Business Models: Achieving Improved Efficiency with Data Center Services”, MainOne CEO, Funke Opeke urged Chief Information Officers across the industries and other key IT decision-makers to take advantage of MDX-i’s services, that leverages on Cloud expertise of Microsoft on the Azure platform and the high availability of the MDX-i data center, which is owned and maintained by MainOne.

Funke also noted that Tier III rated MDX-i is the only data center co-location facility in Nigeria that has received the PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certifications which are all critical to ensuring data security for customers.

Ms. Opeke concluded by saying that MDX-i Cloud Infrastructure as a Services ensures quick provisioning of ICT solutions for businesses, and this improves their time to deploy new applications and services. What this then does is afford customers lower deployment costs and streamlined expenses to enable them focus more on their core aspects of their business.

MainOne is a member of an elite list of Cloud OS Network partners who deliver Microsoft-validated solutions and geographic specialization and they – Microsoft – together with MainOne have partnered to implement an Enterprise ready infrastructure platform in Nigeria that includes Azure-enabled scenarios.

This assures the customer has peace of mind knowing that solutions deployed with support of MainOne are supported by Microsoft and this minimizes risk and simplifies moving to the cloud with data domiciliation in the country of Nigeria concluded Microsoft Nigeria’s Business Group Director for Cloud & Enterprise Oluyomi Alarape.

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