Orange Acquires Tigo In The Democratic Republic of Congo

Orage Acquires Tigo in Democratic Republic of C ongo JUUCHINI
Orage Acquires Tigo in Democratic Republic of C ongo JUUCHINI
Orage Acquires Tigo in Democratic Republic of C ongo JUUCHINI

In an interesting turn of events that saw Orange France exit the Kenyan market and selling off 70% stake in Orange Kenya to Helios, Orange has now signed a contract with Millicom, that will see Orange take over the Mobile services provider as part of its underlines strategy for expansion into Africa.

The mobile market in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a largely emerging market country, is currently undergoing significant growth and is currently the largest mobile market in Central and West Africa after Nigeria with more than 40 million subscribers hooked onto various mobile networks in the region.

According to African Telecom News, the 5 active out of 7 total networks currently operating in the DRC are:

  1. Airtel – Mobile operator
  2. Congo Chine Telecom (Orange – Mobile operator)
  3. Congolese Wireless Network – Mobile Operator
  4. Office Congolais des Postes et Telecommunications – Fixed line operator
  5. SuperCell – Mobile operator
  6. Tigo – Mobile operator
  7. Vodacom – Mobile operator

Part of the reason given for the acquisition is that Tigo DRC is what is seen as a perfect fit for Orange given the complementary nature of their operations both from a geographical and cultural standpoint. Through this deal, Orange would reinforce significantly its presence in the DRC, hence becoming one of the leading mobile operators in the country and will create positive synergies.

This acquisition underlines Orange’s strategy in Africa which aims at developing and maintaining leading competitive positions across its various countries of operations on the continent.

The Transaction is subject to obtaining approvals from the competent authorities after which it will be full effected

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