Why internet cutoff in Egypt?

The people of Egypt are suffering.

Why? Because they have been denied all internet and mobile access by their government. This comes amid protest that have been sparked in the country lately opposing the rule of Hosni Mubarak who has been in power for almost 30 years and has managed to blackout all opposition in terms of insurgent resistance to his rule.

Amid fears that the protests could lead to the 3rd World War, authorities in Egypt have pulled the country back into the 1980’s by blacking out virtually the entire internet cloud in the country.

According to BGPmon, a website that monitors and analyzes traffic and networks in and within different countries, Egypt has fallen off the grid in terms of internet usage by a whopping 88%. This is suspected to have been caused by the government taking a shotgun approach and taking the country’s major ISPs entirely offline.

The government had this cutout effected as from 2230HRS GMT on Thursday night.

The internet cut-off action by Egypt is basically aimed at quelling the Facebook and Twitter-driven revolution which spread into the country from Tunisia, where a few weeks back President Ben Ali’s regime was toppled.

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