Microsoft’s alluring promise to Local SMEs.

Microsoft recently announced that they are offering free antivirus software for local small and medium enterprises beginning sometime this year.

This comes at a time when Microsoft increasingly got feedback from customers with businesses that they needed something to combat viruses. In response, Microsoft made changes to licensing agreements to ensure that Microsoft Security Essentials is now available, free-of-charge, to those companies with no more than 10 PCs.

Kevin Connolly, Windows Product Manager for Microsoft West, East, Central Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands said that “Microsoft Security Essentials is powered by the same core malware protection engine that drives Microsoft’s enterprise solutions. He added that, “By making Microsoft Security Essentials available to small businesses with fewer than 10 PCs, we are extending our commitment to help these companies save money and grow their business with free online protection.”

This also comes at a time when Microsoft has vowed to fight piracy and this software helps them do just that. It is unavailable to those who have pirated their copies of Windows.

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