Why the ‘cloud’ may not be the best place for your business.

Everyone is talking about the cloud. And these days in the news as relates to data and it storage wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the cloud and reasons why you should invest in it.

Given; it is a good place to store data.

Question is; Is it the best place to store the same?

Back in the day when a company was suspected of fraud or anything remotely clandestine, the government would show up at the door and cause a scene whilst carrying away servers that were believed to hold ‘vital’ information as evidence. Not considering that they could carry away the wrong servers btw.

So everyone says the cloud is safe. Yeah right!

They come and offer you a cheap solution that assures you ‘You never have to buy servers, and we offer you absolute 99.9% uptime.’

  • How do you know if they don’t access your files and information?
  • How can you be sure that your accounting information is safe and accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?
  • If a competitor offered a large sum of money would the company turn over your information and sell you out on the immediate?

There’s a lot to consider before we rush to store everything in the cloud. Security of data is and will always be the biggest challenge even the so called ‘actual experts’ face and in this day and age when Sony loses customer information to hackers because of the cloud systems, one can only wonder whether investing in it as a small company is really a good decision.

More to follow..

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