Twitter Acronyms – What you need to know to keep up.


We all love Twitter. And by ‘We’ I mean most people between their late teens and late forties.

Whether it is to share activities we are engaged all day, or to share pictures of what we are engaging in all day.

Some have even gone a step further and they check into places whenever they visit via location-based services like FourSquare.

Given the nature of Twitter and its 140 character limit, it is important that whatever you post be as short as possible. In this case, you need to learn some twitter acronyms.

Acronyms are words written in short-form and are very common with secretaries who learn it as a tool of trade and later lean on it for speed when taking notes.

Here are a few Acronyms you may have seen and consequently wondered what they mean:

CZ – Because (coz)

BRB – be right back

BTW – By the Way

GIB – Google It B**ch

DM(1) – Direct Message

EM(1) – Email

FB – from Facebook (usually appears as #FB)

FF – #FF (Follow Friday

FML – F**k My Life

WIN – normally used in a situation where one is said to have achieved #goodstuff (appears as #Win)

FWD – Forward

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

LQTM – Laughing quietly to myself

IMO – In My Opinion

JK – Just Kidding

R:TNX – ThanX for The ReTweet

LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off

LMAOEST – Laughing my Ass Off (normally to show it is funnier that a regular LMAO)

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LOLEST – Laughing Out Loud but on a much larger scale than a regular LOL J

OH – Overheard

OMFG – Oh My F**king God

OMG – Oh My God

Please RT – “Please Retweet”

RT: – Retweet

RTFM – Read the F**ing Manual

STFU – Shut the F**k Up

TMI – Too Much Information

WTF – What the F**k

WTH – What the Hell

STFW – Search the F**ing Web

YAWN – A regular yawn may mean you are quite boring!

DIY – do it yourself

FYI – for your information

IDK – I don’t know

NTS – Note to self

NOOB – newbie (person new at a certain activity)

ROFL – Rolling on the Floor laughing

PLANKING – People lying around not knowing it’s not good

TWEEPS – People on twitter

At the end of the day, vocabulary is what you make it. Go on and make some more acronyms yourself. Just be sure they don’t sound too ridiculous of PI (Politically Incorrect) because tweeps will LOL at your lingo.

Feel free to contribute, more coming your way.

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